How do I earn shop credit or discount codes?
I love giving out discount codes AND Dazzle credit! Here are some popular ways to earn both. 1) Tag mamas in our posts! I pick at least 3 people from every post to email for $10 shop credit just for tagging their friends! 2) share photos on our wall! If I repost any photos you shared of your little ones or yourself in our gear, then you automatically win $10 Dazzle credit 3) leave a review! Each person that leaves a review on our website or Facebook gets to message me and receive a discount code for their next purchase. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram! I give away credit on all of our ig posts too❤️

How long does it take to get my order? 
We ship out all orders within 14 days (often though it's a lot quicker than that!)

Where is the item being shipped from?
Southern California

How can I track my order? 
 tracking links are sent to everyone when We ship their order